About us


Asha offers secure, temporary accommodation for South Asian women and children fleeing violence. Women who come to us stay in accommodation called refuges, which are shared with other women who have had similar experiences. In the refuge, women have their own private rooms and share the bathroom, living room and kitchen with other residents. 

We can also provide accommodation for women who have children. We have family-sized rooms and can supply cots for infants. 

When you arrive, you will be assigned a Key Worker who will support you throughout your stay at Asha. She will be able to give you financial advice, emotional support and help with housing so that  you can live independently. 


Asha can also provide confidential advice and information to any South Asian woman who is experiencing violence, or is worried about someone they know. 

Referral Criteria 

We will accept a woman who is

  • threatened with or experiencing domestic and / or sexual violence.
  • of South Asian origin
  • has recourse to public funds
  • is 18 years and over

Unfortunately, we are not able to offer safe temporary refuge accommodation to women:

  • with high support, mental or physical health problems who require extensive support and supervision
  • who are currently dependent on drugs and alcohol and require extensive support and supervision

Women who are not of South Asian origin may be considered if we can identify substantial similarities in their culture and religion to be able to offer specialist support. Where we cannot offer our support we will try our best to refer or signpost them to other appropriate agencies.

Making a Referral to our Refuge Projects 



  • Asha accepts self or agency referrals from Monday to Friday 9.00am to 6.00 pm
  • Our staff will make an initial assessment of suitability which can take up to an hour. 
  • If our criteria are met and there is a vacancy at the refuge project an offer of temporary accommodation will be made. 
  • If our criteria is not met we will offer advice, support and either signpost or refer to other agencies